Caitlin joined the Cookie Cart team in June through the City of Saint Paul Right Track program. “I like working at Cookie Cart because of the community that they’ve built. Everyone is so kind, caring, and welcoming – even though we aren’t in-person I still feel connected.” When Caitlin had the opportunity to come to our Saint Paul bakery to pick up supplies for her online trainings, she immediately felt welcome. “Everyone was so nice and they treat you not like an intern, but like a partner.”

Caitlin is a strong leader. “I tend to be a leader over a follower, and bring that with me to each training.” On top of her work at Cookie Cart, Caitlin has a busy schedule and sets herself up for success by “finding ways that I can set aside time for myself and regain focus. I like to plan out my day on paper so I can see my day.”

In the future, Caitlin has her sights set on becoming a nurse practitioner. Caitlin shares that learning networking at Cookie Cart will come in handy in the future because, “it really can and does help you find your dream job when you can connect with people.” No matter where Caitlin’s path leads her, she knows that being understanding and kind to everyone you meet is good advice for everyone.

Congratulations Caitlin on being a Rising Star!
We are grateful for your hard work and are proud of all your accomplishments!