Adrian started working at Cookie Cart in March 2020, because he liked the courses that were offered and he wanted a job that was close to home. Adrian says his favorite thing about Cookie Cart is “the community. It’s such a nice place to work and the people are nice. I feel like I have the opportunity to fail and it’s okay if we mess up. That lets me take more chances and do more things.” 

One of the things Adrian took a chance on was asking for a raise – which helped him earn a promotion to Training Assistant. As a Training Assistant, Adrian leads and plans some of the virtual classes for his coworkers including cooking classes. Adrian is imparting advice on his coworkers saying, “take every opportunity you can and try to do your best on all the assignment and in everything.”

Adrian was nominated to be Rising Star by his coworkers because he’s someone who follows his dream and has confidence in everything he does. “Adrian is willing to lead and create. He’s at almost every meeting and even teaches some. He’s well spoken, has positive energy, and engages the team with questions.”

When asked what his bright future looks like, Adrian shares, “I want to have a career in nature and a house in the woods. Maybe working at a National Park or in the Forest Service.” Adrian believes that the financial literacy classes will help him be successful in the future. “I know I only took a few courses on it but it has stuck with me. I was able to save up for a car because of the classes.”

Congratulations Adrian on being a Rising Star!
We are grateful for your hard work and are proud of all your accomplishments!