March Rising Star

Saint Paul

Started At Cookie Cart:
October 2022

Favorite Cookie: Double Chocolate

Koko is the Saint Paul Cookie Cart Rising Star for March 2023! Nominated by the bakery leadership staff, Koko was named a Rising Star because of her positive attitude which is infectious to other crew members, excellent communication skills, and ability to learn quickly and take on new tasks when asked. “KoKo brings her best self to each shift, is always seeking to understand her role on the crew, and is a delight to be around. She is an example of exactly what a Cookie Cart crewmember should be and we’re lucky to have her!” -Chris Bleichner, Director of Bakery Operations.

Koko was excited, and a bit nervous when learning about the honor. She loves working at Cookie Cart and says if she can be an example for other youth, that’s the best-case scenario. Koko attends Harding High School in Saint Paul and is preparing for a career in criminal justice law. After high school, she hopes to attend Florida International University to set a foundation for her bright future as a lawyer.

When asked what she loves about working at Cookie Cart, Koko lights up and notes that she enjoys working as part of a team with kids that are her age. “Cookie Cart is a fun place to work that is full of positivity. I feel safe here and coming in for a shift is always the best part of my day!” KoKo remarks. When asked about her favorite memory working at Cookie Cart so far, Koko says, “During peak season, we had a group of volunteers come in to help decorate cookies and fill orders, and I got to meet Cynthia and hear even more about Cookie Cart. That was really fun and I loved the joy of that time, I took every shift I could during winter break.”

As far as advice for her peers on what it takes to be a Rising Star, KoKo says it’s all about communication. “Stay in touch with your supervisor and check your email often so you know what’s going on. Show up for your shift with a positive mood and it will affect the whole team. Enjoy yourself and don’t stress if you’re not perfect at your job every time, there are so many opportunities to learn and grow!”

Congratulations, KoKo, on being our March 2023 Rising Star!

You make Cookie Cart an incredible place and we are proud to have you!