2017 St. Paul Pilot Program Graduation

The teens from the second cohort of the St. Paul pilot program celebrated the end of their classroom and hands-on training with a visit to Cookie Cart in Minneapolis on April 3. The 23 freshman and sophomores attended 12 weeks of after school sessions focused on customer service, financial literacy, and career readiness in order to prepare them to be the first members of the youth staff at the Saint Paul Cookie Cart when it opens in 2018. Volunteers from Kemps, Sunrise Banks, and Xcel Energy conducted mock interviews and assisted with resume writing.

The teens received certificates of completion from Beth Leasman, the After School Program Leader at Johnson High School, and shared what they will take away from the Cookie Cart program.

“I learned how communicate better with others. I also learned how to manage my time and be more on track with things.”

“I have learned that all points matter … we need to save for our own better future as well as we need to decide our own future.”

The teens will continue to work Saturday shifts in Minneapolis, and will be the faces of Cookie Cart at Saint Paul sales and community events. We are very proud of this cohort of teens, and are excited for them to be the leaders of Cookie Cart Saint Paul!